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Extends Evented

The Map object represents the map on your page. It exposes methods and properties that enable you to programmatically change the map, and fires events as users interact with it.

You create a Map by specifying a container and other options. Then Bkoi GL JS initializes the map on the page and returns your Map object.


  • options Object
  • options.container(HTMLElement | string) The HTML element in which Bkoi GL JS will render the map, or the element’s string id. The specified element must have no children.
  • options.minZoom number The minimum zoom level of the map (0-24). (optional, default 0)
  • options.maxZoom number The maximum zoom level of the map (0-24). (optional, default 22)
  • options.minPitch number The minimum pitch level of the map (0-60). (optional, default 0)
  • options.maxPitch number The minimum pitch level of the map (0-60). (optional, default 60)
  • (Object | string)? The map’s Map style. This must be an a JSON object conforming to the schema described in the Map Style Specification, or a URL to such JSON.To load a style from the Map API, you can use a URL of the form map://styles/:owner/:style, where :owner is your Map account name and :style is the style ID. Or you can use one of the following the predefined Map styles:-
    • map://styles/map/outdoors-v11
  • options.container (boolean | string)If true, the map’s position (zoom, center latitude, center longitude, bearing, and pitch) will be synced with the hash fragment of the page’s URL. For example, http://path/to/my/page.html#2.59/39.26/53.07/-24.1/60. An additional string may optionally be provided to indicate a parameter-styled hash, e.g. http://path/to/my/page.html#map=2.59/39.26/53.07/-24.1/60&foo=bar, where foo is a custom parameter and bar is an arbitrary hash distinct from the map hash. (optional, default false)
  • options.interactive boolean If false, no mouse, touch, or keyboard listeners will be attached to the map, so it will not respond to interaction. (optional, default true)
  • options.bearingSnap number The threshold, measured in degrees, that determines when the map’s bearing will snap to north. For example, with a bearingSnap of 7, if the user rotates the map within 7 degrees of north, the map will automatically snap to exact north. (optional, default 7)
  • options.pitchWithRotate boolean If false, the map’s pitch (tilt) control with “drag to rotate” interaction will be disabled. (optional, default true)
  • options.clickTolerance number The max number of pixels a user can shift the mouse pointer during a click for it to be considered a valid click (as opposed to a mouse drag). (optional, default 3)
  • options.attributionControl boolean If true, an AttributionControl will be added to the map. (optional, default true)
  • options.customAttribution string | Array ? String or strings to show in an AttributionControl. Only applicable if options.attributionControl is true.
  • options.logoPosition string A string representing the position of the Map wordmark on the map. Valid options are top-left,top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right. (optional, default 'bottom-left')
  • options.failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat boolean If true, map creation will fail if the performance of Bkoi GL JS would be dramatically worse than expected (i.e. a software renderer would be used). (optional, default false)
  • options.preserveDrawingBuffer boolean If true, the map’s canvas can be exported to a PNG using map.getCanvas().toDataURL(). This is false by default as a performance optimization. (optional, default false)
  • options.antialias boolean ? If true, the gl context will be created with MSAA antialiasing, which can be useful for antialiasing custom layers. this is false by default as a performance optimization.
  • options.refreshExpiredTiles boolean If false, the map won’t attempt to re-request tiles once they expire per their HTTP cacheControl/expires headers. (optional, default true)
  • options.maxBounds LngLatBoundsLike? If set, the map will be constrained to the given bounds.
  • options.scrollZoom (boolean | Object ) If true, the “scroll to zoom” interaction is enabled. An Object value is passed as options to ScrollZoomHandler#enable. (optional, default true)
  • options.boxZoom boolean If true, the “box zoom” interaction is enabled (see BoxZoomHandler). (optional, default true)
  • options.dragRotate boolean If true, the “drag to rotate” interaction is enabled (see DragRotateHandler). (optional, default true)
  • options.dragPan (boolean | Object ) If true, the “drag to pan” interaction is enabled. An Object value is passed as options to DragPanHandler#enable. (optional, default true)
  • options.keyboard boolean If true, keyboard shortcuts are enabled (see KeyboardHandler). (optional, default true)
  • options.doubleClickZoom boolean If true, the “double click to zoom” interaction is enabled (see DoubleClickZoomHandler). (optional, default true)
  • options.touchZoomRotate (boolean | Object ) If true, the “pinch to rotate and zoom” interaction is enabled. An Object value is passed as options to TouchZoomRotateHandler#enable. (optional, default true)
  • options.touchPitch (boolean | Object ) If true, the “drag to pitch” interaction is enabled. An Object value is passed as options to TouchPitchHandler#enable. (optional, default true)
  • options.trackResize boolean If true, the map will automatically resize when the browser window resizes. (optional, default true
  • LngLatLike The inital geographical centerpoint of the map. If center is not specified in the constructor options, Bkoi GL JS will look for it in the map’s style object. If it is not specified in the style, either, it will default to [0, 0] Note: Bkoi GL uses longitude, latitude coordinate order (as opposed to latitude, longitude) to match GeoJSON. (optional, default [0, 0]))
  • options.zoom number The initial zoom level of the map. If zoom is not specified in the constructor options, Bkoi GL JS will look for it in the map’s style object. If it is not specified in the style, either, it will default to 0. (optional, default 0)
  • options.bearing number The initial bearing (rotation) of the map, measured in degrees counter-clockwise from north. If bearing[Link text Here]( is not specified in the constructor options, Bkoi GL JS will look for it in the map’s style object. If it is not specified in the style, either, it will default to 0. (optional, default 0)
  • options.pitch number The initial pitch (tilt) of the map, measured in degrees away from the plane of the screen (0-60). If pitch is not specified in the constructor options, Bkoi GL JS will look for it in the map’s style object. If it is not specified in the style, either, it will default to 0. (optional, default 0)
  • options.bounds LngLatBoundsLike? The initial bounds of the map. If bounds is specified, it overrides center and zoom constructor options.
  • options.fitBoundsOptions Object ? A Map#fitBounds options object to use only when fitting the initial bounds provided above.
  • options.renderWorldCopies boolean If true, multiple copies of the world will be rendered side by side beyond -180 and 180 degrees longitude. If set to false:- When the map is zoomed out far enough that a single representation of the world does not fill the map’s entire container, there will be blank space beyond 180 and -180 degrees longitude.
    • Features that cross 180 and -180 degrees longitude will be cut in two (with one portion on the right edge of the map and the other on the left edge of the map) at every zoom level. (optional, default true)
  • options.maxTileCacheSize number The maximum number of tiles stored in the tile cache for a given source. If omitted, the cache will be dynamically sized based on the current viewport. (optional, default null)
  • options.localIdeographFontFamily string Defines a CSS font-family for locally overriding generation of glyphs in the ‘CJK Unified Ideographs’, ‘Hiragana’, ‘Katakana’ and ‘Hangul Syllables’ ranges. In these ranges, font settings from the map’s style will be ignored, except for font-weight keywords (light/regular/medium/bold). Set to false, to enable font settings from the map’s style for these glyph ranges. Note that Map Studio sets this value to false by default. The purpose of this option is to avoid bandwidth-intensive glyph server requests. (See Use locally generated ideographs.) (optional, default 'sans-serif')
  • options.transformRequest RequestTransformFunction A callback run before the Map makes a request for an external URL. The callback can be used to modify the url, set headers, or set the credentials property for cross-origin requests. Expected to return an object with a url property and optionally headers and credentials properties. (optional, default url)
  • options.collectResourceTiming boolean If true, Resource Timing API information will be collected for requests made by GeoJSON and Vector Tile web workers (this information is normally inaccessible from the main Javascript thread). Information will be returned in a resourceTiming property of relevant data events. (optional, default false)
  • options.fadeDuration number Controls the duration of the fade-in/fade-out animation for label collisions, in milliseconds. This setting affects all symbol layers. This setting does not affect the duration of runtime styling transitions or raster tile cross-fading. (optional, default 300)
  • options.crossSourceCollisions boolean If true, symbols from multiple sources can collide with each other during collision detection. If false, collision detection is run separately for the symbols in each source. (optional, default true)
  • options.locale Object A patch to apply to the default localization table for UI strings, e.g. control tooltips. The locale object maps namespaced UI string IDs to translated strings in the target language; see src/ui/default_locale.js for an example with all supported string IDs. The object may specify all UI strings (thereby adding support for a new translation) or only a subset of strings (thereby patching the default translation table). (optional, default null)


const map = new bkoigl.Map({
container: "map",
center: [90.3938010872331, 23.821600277500405],
zoom: 12,
style: "",
maxZoom: 16,
hash: true,
transformRequest: (url, resourceType) => {
if (resourceType === "Source" && url.startsWith("http://myHost")) {
return {
url: url.replace("http", "https"),
headers: { "my-custom-header": true },
credentials: "include", // Include cookies for cross-origin requests